Does Your Cat Hate the Carrier?

Does your cat hate the carrier?We can help! There are many ways that you can decrease stress in your feline friend by taking a bit of time to get them accustomed to the carrier, making the trip easier for you and for them.

We recommend the hard-sided, cheap carriers that allow the top to be removed. This allows for us to remove the top and examine your cat in the bottom of the carrier if they are particularly frightened or anxious in the clinic.

Please leave the carrier out in an area of your house where your cats spend time. Every time you walk near the carrier, consider placing a treat or catnip inside so that your cat learns that this is a nice place to be. You might consider putting one of your old t-shirts in the carrier so that your cat feels more secure.

Many people are starting to feed their cats in the carrier as a way to make them feel like it’s “home-base”. Crate training is very much in favor right now and there is much information on the subject on the internet.

If you have to put your cat in the carrier abruptly without time to get the used to it, remember to remain calm and move slowly. Close the cat and carrier in a small room. You can lower the cat in from the top of the carrier by cradling him and gently lowering him in in to the carrier while it’s standing on end.

There is a product called “Feliway” which is a synthetic form of a feline pheromone that can help calm scared kitties down. This product can be sprayed in the carrier well ahead of your visit to help decrease anxiety.

We are happy to help you with any cat issues or questions you might have. We love our cats too and we want them to healthy. We don’t believe that any cat deserves to go without medical care just because they are frightened of the carrier!