Independently Owned with Over 50 Years of Veterinary Expertise & Care

Skaer Veterinary Clinic, founded by Dr. William Skaer, has served Wichita, Kansas for over fifty years. His daughter, Dr. Christen Skaer, continues the longstanding tradition of providing comprehensive veterinary services to pets from Wichita, KS and neighboring communities including Derby, Park City, Bel Aire, Haysville, Oatville, Schulte and Maize. Our animal clinic is independently owned, with strong ties to the local communities we serve!

Our pet hospital couples compassion with the highest standards possible. Not only are we American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited and Gold Certified, Cat Friendly Practice, but we also use stress-free techniques to make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible during their visit with our veterinary team.

Individualized Pet Health Care

Dr. William Skaer instilled into our animal clinic’s values the principle of listening deeply to the needs of pets, which is why we create a personalized plan for your pet’s optimal health and healing. Even our stress-free method of handling your pet is adjusted based on your pet’s disposition, lifestyle, and personality. By treating every pet with empathy, personalized attention, and the most current veterinary medicine possible, we deliver the best pet health outcomes possible.

Our Veterinarians Treat Root Causes,
Not Just Symptoms

At Skaer Veterinary Clinic, we’re committed to delving into the root of every symptom to explore lasting solutions that can enhance and extend the life of your pet. We believe in preventative veterinary medicine whenever possible to prevent unnecessary suffering and extend pet’s lives.

We combine our extensive experience with cutting edge diagnostic equipment and education because the highest quality veterinary services and revolutionary treatment options are part of our pet hospital’s DNA.

Veterinarians of Skaer Veterinary Clinic - Wichita, Kansas
Member of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association
Logo: American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation - The Standard of Veterinary Excellence
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New Clients

We know it can be stressful bringing your pet to a new veterinarian, which is why we’ve created this dedicated section, to make becoming a member of our pet clinic family as easy as possible.

Veterinary Services

We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of veterinary services so we can improve the lives of pets and their owners, which is what motivates us each and every day.

Preventative Care Plans

As part of our veterinary team’s ongoing commitment to improving and strengthening the bond our clients share with their pets, our animal hospital is pleased to offer preventive pet health care plans for pets of all ages.

Personalized pet health care that leads to happier, healthier pets.