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Skaer Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. William Skaer in 1971. His daughter, Dr. Christen Skaer, continues the longstanding tradition of delivering outstanding veterinary medicine to pets from Wichita, Kansas and neighboring communities including Derby, Park City, Bel Aire, Haysville, Oatville, Schulte and Maize!

Delivering personalized and compassionate veterinary services is part of our DNA at our animal hospital. From the beginning, Dr. William Skaer instilled the principle of listening deeply to the needs of pets into the very heartbeat of our animal clinic. Over thirty years ago, he believed that by treating every pet with empathy, personalized attention and the best possible veterinary medicine, he could deliver better pet health outcomes and improve the lives of countless families.

That methodology has proven true and was passed on directly to the veterinary clinic’s current owner, Dr. Christen Skaer. Christen Skaer grew up immersed in an environment where veterinary medicine was studied with fascination and tremendous care. In fact, Christen was born just one month before Dr. William Skaer graduated from veterinary school and learned a tremendous amount about pet health even as a small child, showcasing just how deeply the commitment to veterinary medicine runs in the Skaer family.

Today, Skaer Veterinary Clinic is a thriving, modern animal hospital located in the heart of Wichita, Kansas.

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Veterinarians of Skaer Veterinary Clinic - Wichita, Kansas

New Clients

At our animal hospital, delivering personalized and compassionate veterinary medicine is in our DNA. We’ve been ensuring comprehensive pet health care to the pets and pet parents of Wichita, Kansas for more than 50 years, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Veterinary Services

We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of veterinary services for your every pet care need. You can find our veterinary services detailed in full by visiting this page. For over fifty years, we’ve been improving the lives of pets and their owners, which is what motivates us each and every day.

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About Us

At Skaer Veterinary Clinic, pet health care isn’t just our job. It’s our passion that inspires us to work harder and deliver the best possible outcomes we can each day. Skaer Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to be AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) Accredited for over 30 years.

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Personalized pet health care that leads to happier, healthier pets.

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