Why we offer Preventive Care Plans.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving and strengthening the bond our clients share with their pets, we are pleased to offer preventive care plans for pets of all ages. This makes it as easy as possible to provide optimal care from the time your pet is a puppy or kitten into their senior years. Following are our core beliefs regarding preventive care plans.

Our pets are just like us.

At each stage of life there are important diagnostic screenings, vaccines and treatments that are vital.

Pets age up to 7 times faster.

Every six months equals several human years for pets, making it that much more important to have bi-annual head-to-tail examinations.

Pets can’t tell us.

Not only can’t our pets tell us when something is wrong, but their innate behavior is to hide symptoms of illness or injury. Bi-annual examinations and diagnostic screenings do the talking for them.

Sometimes a budget saves lives.

We believe in honoring the bond you have with your pet by doing all we can to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Our preventive care plans allow you to better budget for care, and the small monthly payment is our way of making the cost of optimal wellness easier to afford.

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