Payment Options

At Skaer Veterinary Clinic, we understand the many challenges of being a pet owner because we’re pet owners too.

Sometimes your pet’s routine veterinary appointment rolls around, and funds are tight. Our preventative care plans are curated for your pet’s life cycle and help you stay on track with the many other expenses you have – after all, your pet needs quality food, a warm home, and plenty of toys too!

In addition to the important screenings and vaccinations, life can also sometimes throw pet parents curve balls. Just like with human kids, things come up unexpectedly.

For pets who aren’t feeling like their happy tail-wagging selves, our animal hospital accepts CareCredit and ScratchPay so you can get time-sensitive veterinary care without strapping yourself financially or postponing relief for uncomfortable symptoms.

We’re Here For You!

Whether it’s an important routine checkup or a sudden acute illness, our many affordable payment options are just some of the many ways we support our pet owners!

Please reach out to our veterinary team with any questions or if you need assistance getting started on a wellness plan or other financing option.

Care Credit

Care Credit - Pet Health Insurance

We are an established provider for Care Credit, which many of our clients use so they can make affordable payments over time on their pet’s urgent and preventative veterinary care.

Care Credit is a pet health care credit card that offers long-term financing (up to 60 months) with little to no interest. Once you’ve applied, you can use it again with us as needed.

Check to see if you prequalify online without any impact on your credit score.

Preventative Care Plans

Many of our clients take advantage of our wellness plans to establish a budget and make payments over time for preventative pet health care. This helps ensure that your pet gets the care they need at every life stage.

  • Puppies
  • Dogs
  • Senior Dogs
  • Kittens
  • Cats
  • Senior Cats

At Skaer Veterinary Clinic, we believe EVERY pet owner deserves the ability to stay on track with their pet’s preventative health care, as it’s well documented that early prevention measures are key to the longest and happiest pet life possible!

Scratch Pay

Scratchpay - Pet Health Insurance

Skaer Veterinary Clinic also is a Scratch Pay provider, which gives pet owners another alternative for flexible payment options when their best friend needs it most.

Unlike Care Credit, Scratch Pay is not a credit card, and setting up a payment plan will not affect your credit score. You pick the payment plan that best suits your family and situation.


Varidi - Life Made Affordable

Flexible payment plans give you access to services you need now, and allow you pay over time if you choose to do so. Varidi is the solution to ask for when your budget constraints require financing.

You’re either approved in minutes for Varidi Financing, or you instantly qualify for the Varidi Payment Guarantee. Either way, we have you covered. And, there’s no hard credit check to qualify.