We are a stress-free animal hospital.

Our veterinary staff has completed specialized training, so we can ensure each and every patient who comes through our door is treated with comfort measures and stress-free techniques. Not only does each patient deserve a calm and positive experience, but bloodwork and diagnostic tests are more reliable when your pet is relaxed.

Skaer Veterinary Clinic treats each patient like an individual, so we work with every pet owner to establish the best possible experience for their pet. While one dog may need plenty of high-value treats, another may be too nervous to eat and respond better to toys. Some cats respond well to pheromones like Feliway, while others may need medication. There is no one magic formula that works for every pet.

As veterinary professionals, we understand that treating your pet both physically and emotionally often go hand in hand. Our staff gets to know your pet’s unique temperament, preferences and personality, so our veterinary team can better cater to that.

Stress-Free Animal Hospital - Wichita, Kansas