Home Pet Health Care

Home Pet Health CareSkaer Veterinary Clinic is excited to announce home health care as an additional service provided to our patients and customers. We feel there are many times when a visit to your house may provide a better option for care such as pets that are stressed by veterinary visits to the hospital, a geriatric patient that is on hospice care, a multi-pet family where a bi-annual trip to the veterinarian could mean several visits, and times when a ride to the hospital may be difficult (large dogs or animals that have motion sickness).

We will be able to do most well pet services at your home including a complete physical exam, vaccinations, and sample collection for bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal testing. A visit to our hospital may still be suggested if your animal is sick and needs more intensive care such as IV fluids, radiographs, or more intensive monitoring (transportation to our clinic by our staff is not available).

Our doctors are excited to bring our compassionate care to your doorstep ! Appointment times vary so please call and make your appointment today!