Dog Flu

Hello everyone! As you may have heard, canine influenza has been a hot topic lately. We’ve been watching this issue for months and have been in contact with the referral hospital at Kansas State University as they hear from vets from across Kansas. They haven’t had any reports of active canine influenza in the state, but there are some cases in surrounding states. So, no need for panic, but the situation is changing and we are keeping our recommendations as current as possible.

For this reason, we are once again recommending influenza vaccines for patients who travel, go to daycare/boarding, or go to dog shows. We’ve been asked about dogs who just may go for walks in the neighborhood. At this time, those patients are not at high risk and we aren’t recommending vaccines for them. But, we promise to keep very close watch on the situation and change course if necessary.

Please call if you have any questions at all. Things may change again tomorrow, but we’ll be watching!

Thank you!
The Skaer Veterinary Clinic Team