David Whetstone, DVM


Dr. Whetstone is a 1993 graduate of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has over 20 years experience providing outstanding care for animals and pets in the Wichita area.

We asked Dr. Whetstone why he loves veterinary medicine and this is what he said:

"I grew up on a small livestock farm in NE Kansas. We had a few horses and of course many dogs and cats.  The rural lifestyle I loved but knew that I could not forge a future in agriculture.  Being a large animal veterinarian seemed like a logical way to stay involved with farming and farm families.  It was during veterinary school at Kansas State that I was turned on to small animal medicine.  I loved the heightened challenge of diagnosing diseases/syndromes and successful treatments.  I think I was also starting to discover the human animal bond.  Over the years in practice, I became more self-aware of my role as a veterinarian in fostering and preserving the human animal bond.  I believe that everyone and their pets as well have a basic need or want to love and to be loved. I treasure being a part of those relationships."